The Sanctification
By Carolyn Parello

Red Devil, Red Devil, where art forth thou?
A hemlock cocktail, a life on the run,
Can you see me for who I really am?

A stroll through the quiet cemetery at high noon,
To partake in a sandwich and a smoke.

I walk amongst the goofy tombstones, and they whisper I am a sinner.

I light a cigarette - close my eyes, inhaling deeply.

I listen closely and hear the ancient mummies chant from musty tombs,
"You are the cursed, you are the damned."

I open my eyes to ponder my reflection in the pink granite.
There before me, is a sinner in full bloom.

I tell a ridiculous lie with a smile on my face,
The sinners beneath the earth are pleased as pie.

Oh day, oh day, oh wonderful day, full of sins and delights.

On this bright sunny day, yea as I walk through the valley of darkness from grave to grave, without a care.

In the midst off this glimmering graveyard, I shout out boldly for I fear not,
"Bring on the werewolves; bring on the vampires, the Frankenstein monster,
And all the ghosts and skeletons too!"

Nobody comes, nobody cares.
The dead among me have a good laugh at my false bravery in the light of day.

I hate people when they are not alive.

The raven cries out from his perch upon the gothic cross,
"Save your soul for you are a condemned man. Sinners stand up and repent!"

The underground clientele ignores the message for they have heard it time and time again.

In the distance faintly I can hear the thundering gallop of the Apocalypse approaching,
The sound of Gabriel's trumpet.

The scoffers cry, "When is the coming that he has promised? God forgive us for we know not what we do!"

Confess and stand before the throne and be judges, for the books have been opened,
Say your prayers; sing hallelujah for the Rapture is sure to come.

Brave and reckless on this summer's hot day, I beseech thee,
Should the night fall and the stillness return, I surely would tremble?

Suddenly a cool breeze rushes by; clouds roll in to block the sun,
The day turns dark - panic sets in.

The dearly departed down below start chanting in fiery tongues,
I make it out, it's… "RUN CAROLYN RUN!"